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          Lewis & Clark, Prince Maximilian
                    Summer Tour
    July 18-27, 2017
                                          with humanities scholar  Clay S. Jenkinson
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                        Our Lewis and Clark Classic Tour with the addition of
                                  Prince Maximilian and Karl Bodmer

                                  Photos: Day 2, 3, and 4 through the White Cliffs of the Missouri River
German Prince Maximilian zu Weid, and his Swiss artist Karl Bodmer followed the wake of Lewis and Clark 25 years later.  Bodmer captured dramatic scenery of their journey by sketching them; later he producing them into paintings.  On day 3, you will float past Burnt Butte, you turn and see that across from the Stony Walls you were camped in one of Bodmer's 1933 famous painting.


Active holiday through Lewis & Clark's White Cliffs of the Missouri River and Bitterroot Mountains:
Participants must be in good physical shape to participate.  VAN SUPPORTED: this allows you the option to not partake in some of the activities.  LUXURY CAMPING:  A crew has gone ahead to setup your camp.  Beverages and hors d'oeuvres await your arrival.  All meals are hearty, made from great outdoor recipes and the freshest ingredients. Recreational equipment provided.  New sleeping bags onsite may be purchased for a small fee or you may bring your own. 

Day 1             Tuesday                 `    July 18
Welcome to Great Falls, Montana!  Gather this evening for a welcome reception by your tour host and scholar, Clay S. Jenkinson.  After a quick orientation meeting with your Missouri River outfitter, you will depart for "the Great Falls, at Ryan Dam.  Enjoy your first evening with a special visit from  Captain Meriwether Lewis.  Alas!  He will describe to you, on location, the day he found the western landscape mightier than his pen! 
LODGING: La Quinta Inn Riverfront, Great Falls, Montana          Meals     D

Day 2             Wednesday                 July 19
Today, your journey begins through beautiful landscape Lewis properly labeled "seens of visionary enchantment".  But first, a stop to take a look at Decision Point at the confluence of the Missouri and Marias Rivers. Which river would you chose for the Missouri River?  Off to Coal Banks Landing to launch your river journey.  You will have plenty of opportunity to hike through some very beautiful landscape today along the Missouri River.  Some offer petroglyphs, others teepee rings. While your evening dinner is being prepared you have time to explore Slot Canyon.  Hidden from the river, nature has carved a beautiful white sandstone playground to climb into, out of, and all around.  A great way to end your day on the river.  Evening ends with fresh food served along the banks of the river. As the moon slowly rises, watch how light displays change the shadows along the Stony Walls across the river and the reflections in the water.  tonight, enjoy campfire discussions with Clay Jenkinson.
         (L&C and Prince Max)
CAMPSITEEagle Creek, Missouri River          Meals BLD

Day 3             Thursday                    July 20
After you glide peacefully away from Eagle Creek, turn your canoe to see "you witness the same landscape Karl Bodmer sketched and painted in 1833.  "You just camped inside one of Karl Bodmer's famous paintings!"  Relax as the current takes you floating past numerous hoodoos and other spectacular formations from antiquity on both sides of the river.  Under a lone tree at the base of the Hole-in-the-Wall rock formation, your guides prepare your lunch so you can partake in one of the most spectacular hikes of your journey. There is no way to explain the grandeur found here. Lewis and Clark, nor Maximilian and Bodmer had time to discover the views and wonder you feel here. With your afternoon hike and lunch behind you, your day drifts away, taking you past Steamboat Rock and other majestic sandstone formations.  This evening Clay answers questions you have regarding the German Prince, his famous Swiss artist.
                            CAMPSITE:   Slaughter Creek, Missouri River               Meals BLD

Day 4              Friday                       July 21
What a great day!  After breakfast paddling 11 miles stopping at Judith Landing for lunch you observe the river canyon change from vertical sandstone rock to wider and deeper river bluffs.  This area is commonly referred to as "The Breaks." Your canoe strolls you past the magic of many cottonwood groves and Lewis & Clark's campsite of May 28, 1805.  You'll "take-out" at Judith Landing, near a beautiful stream Clark named after his future wife.  Mid-afternoon welcomes you with a hot shower and a first-class hotel along the bank of the Missouri River in Ft. Benton, Montana.  The Grand Union Hotel, Montana's oldest, was built in 1882, seven years before Montana became a state.  A night to enjoy fine dining and music in a small quaint western town.
                       LODGING:   Grand Union Hotel, Fort Benton, Montana    Meals BLD

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Due to our high guide to guest ratio, small group size, with historical interpretation and entertainment by award winning scholar and Chautauqua performer Clay S. Jenkinson, our tours tend to fill quickly.  If it becomes necessary, wait listing is available upon request.  We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your protection in the unexpected event you may need to cancel. Odyssey Tours is not affiliated with any travel insurance company. Travel insurance can be provided by your local travel agency or through the internet. 
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