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Native American West; A New Lens:
Lochsa Lodge
January 14 - 19



March 04 - 10

Lewis and Clark
Prince Maximilian
July 18 - 27

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[  ]   Native American West; A New Lens;  Lochsa Lodge Winter Retreat 2017
This retreat will give you a chance to read really remarkable books by and about American Indian history, spirituality, sovereignty, and a view of life distinct from the mainstream of American civilization.  In view of the renewal of the "Indian Wars" in the American West, most recently on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in ND, conversations will be rich, nuanced, rigorous, civil, potentially life-changing, and at times troubling.  In the heart of Nez Perce country each afternoon offers a chance to explore this beautiful landscape adjacent to the Lochsa River, (means "rough-water" in Nez Perce), a tame, slow, meandering river in the winter, or join optional activities prepared each day for group fun.                        (All-inclusive. except airfare) 5 nights
                                                                                                                                 (5 nts cabin stays)
                                                                                                                   January 14-19, 2017

[  ]  JohnSteinbeck's California, Spring Retreat / Tour 2017
     Enjoy visiting several key places specific to "the people's bard", John Steinbeck, as well as enjoying several literary sessions lead by humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson. You'll visit Cannery Row, stroll past Steinbeck's 11th Street House; venture inside Lee Chongs Market, (now a patisserie); walk in the footsteps of "the palace"; and enjoy a visit inside Ed Rickett's Lab (Doc's Lab).  Traveling through "The Salad Bowl of the World" brings you to Steinbeck's hometown of Salinas.  Welcome to The Steinbeck House, and The Steinbeck Center where Rocinante and several notable archives, hand-selected, await you arrival. Your experience through Steinbeck Country rounds out with optional hikes to views undescribeable, and optional visits to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and a whale watching excursion, (tickets included).  Transportation from the San Jose International Airport to Pacific Grove, California is included
                                                                              (All-inclusive, except airfare and lunch Day 3) 6 nights
                                                                                                                       (5 nts cottage, 1 nt hotel) 
                                                                                                                       March 04-10, 2017 $2395


[  ]   Lewis & Clark, Prince Maximilian Summer Tour 2017    Hands down everyone's "favorite" with over seventeen years traveling with guests along the Lewis & Clark Trail.  Your own flotilla of canoes meander among edge of the steep White Cliffs of the Missouri River .  Lewis wrote "it seemed as if those seens of visionary inchantment would never end."  Then off you go to the infamous Bitterroot Mountains where you will camp and walk among the footsteps of the intrepid explorers.  Nez Perce and Lewis & Clark sites you will visit include: Snowbank, The Smoking Place, Lonesome Cove, Indian Post Office, The Sinque Hole and more.  This tour is outfitted, guided and catered by one of America' s finest outfitters, hand-selected for your pleasure.  Enjoy an evening visit by Captain Meriwether Lewis at Eagle Camp.  You will also be camping this evening in a famous painting of Karl Bodmer.  Turn your canoe around the next morning and look at the same scene.  Journey into the past but with the safety and comforts of the twenty-first century.  Your tent will be set up for you each evening with beverages, hors d' oeuvres, fine food and evening campfire discussions awaiting your arrival.                                                        (All-inclusive except airfare) 9 nights
(3 nts cabin stays, 2 nts hotel, 4 nts camping)
                                                                                                                         July 18-27, 2017  $3495

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