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                            "To Live Deliberately"
                            Lochsa Lodge Winter Book Retreat 2015
                                                  with humanities scholar  Clay S. Jenkinson
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"Circle your cabin in the woods " this winter as Clay takes you
         on your own journey to "an understanding of myth and symbols"
beginning with "Black Elk Speaks" this January 16-21 now FULL
 A second retreat has been added and available:  January 11-16
<Black Elk Speaks>… it speaks to us with simple and compelling language about an aspect of human experience and encourages us to emphasize the best that dwells within us…” — Vine Deloria Jr.

Join us this January for a relaxing book retreat at the base of Lewis and Clark's Bitterroot Mountains.  Enjoy reading and exploring a handful of great books together with new friends and humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson. 

This winter's humanities retreat will feature the classic by John Neihardt, Black Elk Speaks. Neihardt was a professor at the University of Nebraska, and Nebraska's poet laureate.  He became interested in Lakota spirituality.  His interview with Black Elk, who had seen the Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee, became the basis of one of the great books of the American West, Black Elk Speaks (published 1932).  Clay's list of other great texts to read before your retreat begins will be provided to you upon your reservation.

For a short week every January, (Janus - looking forward and backward), Clay's purpose is to provide a playful, relaxed congenial atmosphere in one of the most beautiful resorts in the Rockies for several days of satisfying conversation. You will learn together the art of true conversation about ideas, books, current events and the American experiment.

A note from Clay, "If we accomplish nothing else in five days, we will have the opportunity to discuss a handful of great books together. If we can help each other think about the deliberate life more clearly, so much the better.  Think of the Janus retreat as our four-day exercise in New Year's Resolutions, a chance to step back to evaluate our lives, our choices, our relationships, our civic engagements, our spiritual exercises. The joy of the humanities is joy sufficient for such a retreat!"

If you are looking for a thought-stimulating, relaxing but reinvigorating, retreat in the heart of winter, in the heart of the forest: the soul of the humanities will come alive for you this Janus! Come join the fun!!
Once your deposit is received in our office we will send you Clay's chosen list of  texts to read prior to your retreat to heighten your experience.  You will also receive our "Retreat Bill of Rights"  - Clay's creation of a common set of rules about good conversation, and your complimentary copy of Clay's favorite edition of Walden.

We hope that you can come!


Day 1               Sunday                 January 11
Welcome to Missoula, Montana!  We will pick you up at the Missoula International Airport located in the Rockies and transport you to your cabin in the woods.  Enjoy dinner on us from the lodge menu at your convenience; then gather this evening for a welcome reception by your tour host and scholar, Clay S. Jenkinson.  After a quick orientation meeting enjoy your first evening with Clay as he begins your journey into "the heart of the humanities" 
LODGING: Lochsa Lodge, Powell, Idaho 
                         Meals D

Day 2               Monday                January 12
It's the heart of winter when, as John Donne says, "the whole world's sap is sunk." Your exploration of several great texts begins at 09:30 a.m. led by Clay Jenkinson.  After lunch, you will have a couple of hours free to walk, write, or engage in social or outdoor activities.  Today's outdoor activity will be a walk to the river to explore Lewis and Clark's "Kilt Colt Creek" and share thoughts about the explorers.  Tonight savor a family style dinner next to the crackling of the lodge fire.  Before and after literary salon style discussions will be led by Clay.
LODGING: Lochsa Lodge, Powell, Idaho                       Meals BLD

Day 3               Tuesday               January 13
Morning discussions will be led at 09:30 a.m. by Clay Jenkinson. After lunch, you will have a couple of hours free to hike in the snow, write, or engage in social or outdoor activities.  Today's activity just prior to dinner: "wine pairing to a selection of well known books" a FUN and exploratory exercise you can't help but enjoy.  Family style dinner to be held in the lodge with more literary discussions before and after led by Clay.
                             LODGING: Lochsa Lodge, Powell, Idaho                  Meals BLD

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Please don't hesitate: Due to our small group size with historical interpretation by award winning scholar and Chautauqua performer Clay S. Jenkinson our retreats tend to fill quickly.  If it becomes necessary, wait listing is available upon request.  We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your protection in the unexpected event you may need to cancel.  Travel insurance can be provided by your local travel agency or through our office.  Thank you for your interest in Odyssey Tours!

We hope you can join us!

For more information or a brochure contact:

with humanities scholar  Clay S. Jenkinson
208-791-8721 ~ Fax 208-746-0625   email bek@odytours.net